66622b18-1562-4297-809d-235c3d4fd50f.jpgPlumbers,Data entrants,Painters,Gate Keepers
Technicians ,Electric Engineers ,Mechanical Engineers,Industrial Keeper,Cooling Site Keepers,Builder,Foremen,Supervisors,etc.
You must have O level certificate or A level, diploma, etc.


No payment to us is expected from you but u must have a passport. If u don’t have we will guide u to get one. You are also required to have some money for your Yellow fever card, vaccination and medical insurance.We don’t expect any payment from any applicant.

Monthly salary range from 1.5m per month to 3m per month.Free accommodationand food. We will provide you with free Aiticket and Visa.

If u have a passport, u will only need to spend 200,000shs for processing your documents like yellow fever card, Interpol, vaccination and medical insurance.

If u don’t have passport, u will spend 600,000shs only for passport and processing all required documents.

No other payment expected from u. We only need your LC1 letter and police letter, O level certificates or any other academic documents,and passport.

If interested call Buyinza Group Limited

In the meantime, send your full names in your passport or names in your National ID to Whatsapp +256704725524 or 0793 637802 Send Full name, date of birth, village/zone,home parish, home subcounty, Home district.

Your name will be registered, and we will contact you for general orientation and briefing meeting where u will be required to come with LC1 introduction letter.Please state whether u have a driving permit,O level certificate, A level or other academic achievements.

You MUST NOT HAVE HIV/AIDS and Hepetaitis B.
Send details to:0793 637802